Emerging into the supernal gong tone waters of the non-material Akasha is a singular voyage where each of us alone de-materialize into the inner space of the great unknown, and when we are able to be awake while asleep, it is a true adventure of consciousness without an object like a body.

What the limits to this healing of 4th Ray resonance will be is hard to say at this 2013 juncture, but we know that this Ray is activating from now until 2025 in the form of universal functional harmony, personally within each of us and as well our true other selves, in the greater one humanity. 

The global phenomena of global gong masters arising exponentially, perhaps according to the Phi ratio inherent within the body of the gong alloy, is just now becoming more apparent to the singular student of the gong.


What is the meaning of this gong family entwined in the fabric of thought and the sutra of healing ethics? What has this entwining to do with the flowering of the Maitreyan Buddha mind?

Why is each immersion in the gong vibration of resonance an opportunity to research more in this spiritual science of Samadhi of the gong field?

Although everyone may have they’re own religious perspective, it is really a science of spiritual psychology and is as totally inclusive as the great gong of life itself.

In 1969 we called it the natural high, a sublime state with no reverse effects of decompression.

The Myth of the Maitreyan Gong of Friendship and Compassion today after 2500 years is not a fiction; it is an evocation of now!

In the past I have written and taught that a minimum of 7 & ½ hours comprising 10 forty-five minute gong saturations of total sound, equivalent to the 450 minutes of our normal 5 ninety-minute cycles of a good nights sleep is what I called the All Night Gong Puja.

There is what some call a Merkabah or Light/Sound Body that is nourished by sacred tone improvisation, sometimes I have called it spiritual free jazz. In these concert settings, there is always a mass sound healing involved with a gong orchestra and a diverse selection of sacred tone producers synthesizing through inspiration and intuition the magic of tone enter-training us.

A Gong Only Bath may be 5 min; it might be 20 min, 45 min, and 7.5 hours, also longer or shorter. It is a virtual world created by our imagination and total tone energy whenever our brains are left floating in a sea of sound, whether sitting, moving, or in sleep pose. We used to say the holistic-resonance of the gong is a Mini-Vacation for the Mind.

Sacred Tone Improvisation with diverse instruments leading in and out of the Gong Universe is the enter-training concert form for the new cycle of Global Friendship.

The suspension of the listener in the pure resonance of the gong is transformed into a Theatre of the Soul when the voice and spontaneous life of musical instruments are present.


We need to understand the difference between an evocational myth and what written history has fashioned for us. 

The First Day of World Peace, and listening to the gongs and bells ring globally while we humans are gathered in circles around the world, perhaps within a World Peace Bell Garden, is the Myth of a Humanity that finally works together in functional harmony. 

I find that designing a local Starhenge Garden Mandala is a wonderful Seva- Opportunity for peace Ambassadorship. And, I suggest this to gong players who are now practicing gong work everywhere.

I teach what I call a Nada Yoga technique of the Global Gong Mantra Sutra as a multi-dimensional approach to freeing the 5th Chakra of the Singular Voice and for unifying diverse people into functional and inspired unity.

All of these gong seeds have been planted and already these seed tones are beginning to comprise a few of the positive manifestations much needed for the future of our children and our planet.

With thanks for everything,



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