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MEM Yoga is a holistic way of healing incorporating Movement of the physical body (by isolating specific Muscles) with awareness of our Emotions, our feeling which may stop the free flow of energy (Qi/Chi) through our body pathways (Meridians), which may prevent us from enjoying full health and living life to our full potential, "witnessing life and all its expressions as it unfolds". 

MEM = Muscle Emotion Meridian;

Gong = a Holistic Resonating Instrument

Yoga = Union


Module 1 begins August 1, 2020 or when enrollment reaches capacity (24).

“I hope to share and inspire you with this transformative, life affirming practice as it has changed and enhanced my life over the last 6 years!” - Petra

 “I created MEM Gong Yoga because I wish every person to be their own guru (teacher) with tools for self healing and the ability to embrace a new Aquarian reality of compassionate loving kindness and peace - for ourselves and for the world.” - Don


Module 1 - MEM Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance: become your own design scientist for self healing and holistic resonance - confidently self assess & design MEM Kriyas

Module 1 is possible to complete in a full time in 9 days LIVE RETREAT IRL

Online training - allows you to pace yourself and work with a flexible scheduling, Live once a week Zoom classes for questions and answers, and guidance with Gong master Don Conreaux and Petra Trtnik +access to support/coach via MEM Gong Yoga Private FB Group & email -with Moderation by Petra Trtnik


MODULE 1 Curriculum:

  • Telepathic Resonance & The Gong Tone of Life
  • Setting the foundation
  • MEM Gong Yoga:
  • History/Discovery/Creation - What’s it all about
  • Breathing/Pranayama techniques
  • Golden Locks techniques
  • Intuitive Warm Up techniques
  • The Meridian System, The Science of Chiometry, the 24 Hour Clock
  • The 14 Meridians and The 39 Exercises: correspondences, muscle location and activation exercises,

Adding on:

  • The art and creation of affirmations
  • Sounding & Toning
  • Creating Personal Kriya based on MBS Assessment
  • Final Assignment complete
  • Certification of Completion for Module I after final assignment is turned in and assessed.

4 live meetings (recorded for replay)

TBD once sign 24 sign ups.

This course will be available quarterly throughout the year:

Aug 1 2020, Nov 1 2020, Feb 1 2021, May 1 2021, Aug 1 2021


MODULE 1 $909



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